• Questions – Council 22 July 2014

Public Questions:

• 01   Ms Mandie Adams McGuire has given notice to ask the Leader of the  Council:  “The current consultation questionnaire on the Council website does not allow  for a YES/NO button to the scheme as a whole and a question which asks,  “Do you want the Gloriana in Orleans Gardens Riverside or not?”. Would the  Council agree to change/amend the consultation questionnaire to enable  these responses to be considered?”

• 02    Dr Susan Burningham :  “How can Councillors be sure that the disadvantages to the local Riverside  community, such as loss of a peaceful green space, the additional volume in  traffic and parking, the loss of protected animal and plant species incurred  through the housing of the Gloriana in Orleans Gardens are outweighed by  the perceived benefits to members of the wider community of Richmond  Borough who rarely visit the gardens but simply like the idea of having a  replica royal barge somewhere in the Borough?”

• 03    Ms Anne Keane :  “Why, in these times of austerity, when so many essential services are being  cut, does the Council choose to make over £1m of Council tax payer’s money  available for the Gloriana boat project?”

• 04    Ms Sarah Webster :  “How does the council sanction consulting with residents in the borough on  concept drawings rather than real plans and will the Council be in a position to  produce to-scale drawings of the boathouse within its surrounding  environment – specifying all dimensions – before the end of the consultation  period?”

• 05  Ms Margaret Hine :  “In relation to the Gloriana proposal, what surveys (geological, hydrological,  environmental, biological) have been carried between January 2013 and July  2014?”

• 06  Miss Nicky Adams :  “In relation to the Gloriana Proposal, Are you planning to use Marble Hill  House and Orleans Gallery for extra parking?”

• 07  Mr Mark Brownrigg :  “What sites other than those reported in the consultation has the Council  examined and will it now please look at all other potential locations and give  reasons for any that are rejected? If not, why not?”

• 08  Mrs Martine Stickland :  “Since Richmond Council do not own the Gloriana and will not have any say  over its movements, how will they actively promote a tourist attraction that is absent for the greater part of the visitor season?”

• 09  Ms Mary Farmer :  “Can the Council justify to the public their proposed expenditure of over  £1million of tax payers’ money on the proposal to develop a new river park on  Orleans Gardens?”

  10  Mr P Bigley :  “In relation to the Gloriana Proposal, which company or companies were  engaged to make the feasibility study in 2013, and who actually paid them to  do it?”

• 11  Ms Bronwyn Baud :  “Can the Council confirm there are no plans to expand the car parks at either  Orleans House Gallery or Marble Hill House to facilitate more traffic visiting  the Gloriana?”

• 12  Mr Michael Frost :  “Please advise where the tender documents for the selection of consultants  for the initial concept/feasibility study required to complete the ‘Gloriana  Boathouse’ project proposals now received by the Council can be inspected  or if no tendering process was undertaken for the selection of consultants,  please advise where appropriate Council documentation regarding consultant  selection can be inspected.?”

• 13  Ms Colette Chesters :  “In respect of the ‘Gloriana’ proposed development have the Council  considered that if it were to go ahead it could attract ‘professional’  environmental protesters as seen at (for example) the Newbury Bypass  protest (it cost Newbury Council £24 million in security, police and  Magistrate Court costs) and can the Council justify this potential cost to  Richmond residents if the development was to go ahead?”

• 14 Mr Henry Boxer :  “In England there are several Parliamentary Acts, and in particular the 1981  Wildlife and Countryside Act, which make it a criminal offence to damage or  destroy or obstruct a bat roosting place. Many bats are known to roost in the  old veteran trees in Orleans Gardens, and in Orleans House and Marble Hill.  Does the Council not agree that seven species of bats, including the Noctule,  Daubenton’s and Pipistrelle, (several of which are rare), will therefore come  under threat because of the Gloriana development and the subsequent need  to light the bargehouse at night (for security purposes), which too will  adversely affect bat feeding habits, and therefore their numbers?”

• 15 Mr Tony Thorne :  “In view of the fact that Gloriana will often be in use along the river, having  made the journey to this secluded spot, will visiting tourists be satisfied with  an empty dry dock and a stagnant lock?”

taken complete and unabridged from:  http://www.richmond.gov.uk/calendar_of_meetings?mgl=ieListDocuments.aspx&CId=173&MId=3468

From Members’ Questions:

5(b)  Councillor Roberts has given notice to ask the Strategic Cabinet  Member for Environment, Business and Community:   “What advice has she received from the Planning Department and the  Mayor/GLA as to the acceptability in planning terms of a scheme such as is  proposed to house Gloriana in Orleans Gardens given the general  presumption against any significant built development in this location?”

This was the only question on this topic.


Councillor Cardy has given notice to ask the Strategic Cabinet Member
for Environment, Business and Community:

“Is the cabinet member including insurance costs in the budget for