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News for January:

Search is over as Kingston announced as preferred site for Gloriana [RTT Jan 21 2015]

News for 2014:

Boroughs battle over re-berth of Gloriana [Standard Oct 03]

  The Oct 03 print RTT has How to galvanise Gloriana spirit? [3 letters p 29]

• The Sep 26 print RTT has Vast amount sunk into Gloriana plan – [5 letters p 26].

Lord True speaks out on ditched Gloriana plans as campaigners express joy [ Sep 22]

• The Sep 19 print RTT has ‘Gloriana drama – Campaigners’ joy as plan to house barge on riverside rejected’ [pp 1-2] and six letters [pp 24-5] including one from the three ward councillors, their first since the story broke in July.

Foster’s Gloriana boathouse not sunk yet [BD Online Sep 18]

Richmond reacts to Gloriana decision [RTT Sep 12]

Boost for Brentford as Twickenham says no to royal barge Gloriana [Sep 12]

MP to lobby Lord Sterling to bring royal barge Gloriana ‘home’ to Brentford [Sep 12]

• Royal barge Gloriana could be homed in Kingston after being spurned by Richmond [RTT Sep 12]

• Council press statement12/09/2014

• Friday 11th: Gloriana boathouse proposals withdrawn in council u-turn 

• The Sep 11 print RTT has 3 letters, all against: Gloriana simply a ‘huge prop barge’ [p 25]

‘Gloriana could help preserve Brentford’s proud boating heritage’ [GetWestLondon Sep  10]

• The Sep 04 print RTT has 3 letters: 1 for ‘Barge will be great’, 1 against ‘Can’t keep out barge’ & 1 neutral.

News for August:

Relative of woman who bequeathed Orleans House to Richmond speaks out on Gloriana [RTT Online Aug 29]

• The Aug 29 print RTT has ‘Riverside heritage’ [p 6] and seven letters: 1 pro [Tony Shoesmith again], 4 anti and 2 neutral [pp 17-18]

The Aug 22 print RTT has four letters: ‘Sell Gloriana to the Americans’ and ‘survey questions are ‘loaded’ and show ‘disdain” [p 21] and ‘Palestinians and Gloriana’ [p 23].

The Aug 15 print RTT has ‘Gloriana ‘should live in Brentford” (p. 8) and four letters (pp 21 – 23), one from me, all against.

• Gloriana’s “rightful berth” in Hounslow, says council leader [RTT Online Aug 13]

Fresh support for Brentford Gloriana campaign as alternative site emerges [GetWestLondon Aug11]

Hounslow backs campaign to bring Gloriana home to Brentford [ Aug 12]

• The Aug 08 print RTT has ‘Islanders want Gloriana’ (p 3) and seven letters [2 pro & 5 anti] (pp. 17-19).

• The RTT Online has Eel Pie Island emerges as possible home for Gloriana [Aug 08]

The August 01 print RTT has ‘Cable raises concerns over plans for Gloriana’ (p. 3) and letters (pp. 24-5) from  Clare King, Jacqueline Darby, Ken Howe, ‘Morti’, and Terry Coles. Ken Howe asserts that there is an old, and now empty, royal barge house at Teddington Lock which could be used instead of building a new one. Problem solved? Sadly not: the premises are not empty and are no longer a boathouse.

Calls for referendum as Vince Cable expresses Gloriana concerns [RTT Online Aug 01]

News for July:

• Twickenham MP Vince Cable voices opposition to docking of the Gloriana in Orleans Park [RTT Online Jul 26]

July 25’s print RTT has ‘More questions asked as controversial boat docs’ (p 2) and 5 letters (p 26).

Questions still surround Gloriana boathouse plans [RTT JUL 24]

• Questions – Council 22 July 2014

• July 18′s print RTT has ‘Sailing in to snatch Gloriana’ [p. 2] and 11 letters [pp. 24-5], the most, I think, it has ever carried on a single issue.

• Feasibility Study by Adams Infrastructure Planning Ltd August 2013

• Could Brentford home the Gloriana instead of Twickenham? [RTT Jul 17]

• Hounslow Council backs plans to bring Gloriana ‘home’ to Brentford: Council gets behind Brentford Chamber of Commerce’s campaign to give the royal barge a permanent mooring in the area [GetWestLondon Jul 16]

‘Brentford would face competition for Gloriana even if Twickenham rejects royal barge’:  Richmond Council leader Nick True says Gloriana is ‘not available, and I’m hoping she won’t become available’ [GetWestLondon Jul 16]

• Poll: do you back the campaign to bring royal barge Gloriana ‘back home’ to Brentford? [GetWestLondon Jul 14]

The Gloriana story barges onwards … [East Twickenham Village July 02/13]

• Richmond Times Jul 11 (printed version): ‘Residents ‘mutiny’ over plans to home Gloriana’ (p 5 with photos) and 7 letters (pp 23-4).

• Plans to build boatyard for Gloriana ‘dishonourable” [BBC Jul 11]

Queen’s barge Gloriana sparks angry £1m row between council and residents [Telegraph Jul 11]

Rel om boothuis koningin Elizabeth [NOS Jul 11]

Scores of people turn out for heated Gloriana debate [RTT Jul 10]: ‘ . . The cabinet also agreed to make public a feasibility study which looked at other potential sites in the borough, such as Buccleuch Gardens and the Gothic site in Petersham Road . . ‘ (2 photos)

• Richmond Times Jul 04 (printed version) : ‘Wild rumours’ over Gloriana boathouse p 7 and letter p 26.

• GetWestLondon: Royal barge Gloriana sparks row over where to call home [Jul 02]

• Gloriana in Twickenham: The Great Boat House Bust Up Continues [Jul 01]

• Richmond Council Cabinet Meeting York House July 9 at 7 pm

News for June:

• Foster & Partners unveils Gloriana boathouse [Building Design June 28]

• LBRuT press release: Richmond could become home to the Queen’s Royal Rowbarge [Jun 20]

• Twickerati: The Twickenham Gloriana Experience  [Jun 22]

• New Permanent Home For Gloriana Proposed At Twickenham [On The Thames June 24]

• Richmond Times Jun 27 (printed version): A right royal argey-barge-y p. 1 and letters p. 25-26.

• Guardian: Museum for Queen’s barge Gloriana sparks protest in Richmond [Jun 29]    

• The Evening Standard: Centre for Queen’s rowbarge Gloriana ‘will be like a Disney attraction’, protest locals [Jun 30]

• Richmond Times (online version): Anger spills over about Gloriana boathouse [Jun 27]



• The LBRuT Gloriana Consultation Page; online until August 31.

• Facebook page: Twickenham vs The Gloriana 

• Wikipedia page: Gloriana


twickerati #1: The Twickenham Gloriana Experience  [June 22]

twickerati #2: Gloriana in Twickenham – The Great Boat House Bust Up [July 01]

twickerati #3: Pic of the week – a Lego boathouse [July 20]

• twickerati #4: Gloriana in Twickenham: Where Are We Now? [July 26]



One thought on “Links & News

  1. It simply must go to Brentford where it is welcome and where there are existing facilities. There are multiple arguments against the Twickenham site, including planning (access, congestion, etc) and conservation concerns, but the crucial elements are that local people don’t want it there and the proposed structures are quite out of proportion.This is coming back to what it was at the outset; a grossly misjudged and mishandled vanity project on the part of Lord True.


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