Council Stuff

This page links to documents, plans and videos published on the Council website and Freedom of Information [FOI] requests by Sasha Katarina:

• Webcast and Minutes of the Council debate on the barge house, November 25 2014

• Gloriana Consultation: Final Report September 2014 

• Press statement 12/09/2014

• ‘Have your say: Yes or No. Should Gloriana be given a home in the Borough?’ 23/08/2014

• Riverside Councillors to hold monthly surgeries 17/08/2014

• Minutes of Council, Tuesday, 22 July 2014 

• HLF suggest site at Platts Eyot, Hampton [FOI of emails] 10/08/2014


• Gloriana Boathouse: Minutes of Cabinet July 09 2014 (item 23) 28/07/2014

• Questions – Council 22 July 2014

• Feasibility Study by Adams Infrastructure Planning Ltd August 2013

• Executive Summary of the Feasibility Study

• Cabinet meeting July 9 2014: Report for the meeting

• Report for Council Cabinet meeting July 9 2014

• Site plan

• Gloriana FAQs extracted from the Council’s consultation brochure

• Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2 of 2

• LBRuT press release: Richmond could become home to the Queen’s Royal Rowbarge [Jun 20]



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