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One thought on “Comment

  1. Moved here by CJS from where it was originally posted:

    ‘Sally 12/07/2014 at 12:38 Edit
    100 years ago locals fought to have this section of riverside land preserved free from development. (There were Lord Trues around then too.) Now True wants to overturn all the law and, in the teeth of public opposition, build on the site. The thing is, and must be for what it needs to cover, the size of a block of 24 flats. Not to mention a huge dredged out channel with sheer drop sides necessitating fencing etc etc.

To misleadingly call it a “boat shed restoration” is like building a vast superstore at the bottom of your garden on the grounds that there was an ice cream kiosk there once.
It is quite obvious that in Lord True’s mind and those of his servile councillors this will be built no matter how many residents object. In fact they have all refused to specify what level of objection would cause them to abandon the plan-not change aspects of the design, just stop it. They won’t . Why? Because True has decided there is no amount of protest which will stop this. He knows best.

£70,000 gone already. A million to be thrown after it to start with. Can any of us imagine what sort of a difference that money could make to local schools, community projects, services for the elderly and disabled, all of which have been cruelly cut back on the grounds that there is no money to be found?’


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