• Gloriana Consultation: Final Report September 2014

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 11.07.22‘ . . 6. Conclusion

6.1. A total of 3,025 people responded to the consultation .

6.2. The vast majority of respondents to the consultation were local residents (TW postcodes) (93%).

6.3. A clear majority of respondents (77% (2,071 people) felt the proposed location for the permanent home of the Gloriana was not appropriate or not appropriate at all. While around a fifth (20% (553 people)) of respondents felt it was appropriate.

6.4. The main comments on the proposed site plan and design related to the location and access.

6.5. The results from this consultation will be used to inform the Council’s, and the Gloriana Trustees, decision on if and how to proceed further with this project.’

Borough home for Gloriana will not proceed: ‘Following a consultation with local residents on proposals to find a permanent home in Twickenham for Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Rowbarge, it has been decided by Richmond Council not to proceed.’ [Sep 18 2014]

Gloriana Consultation: Final Report September 2014

Gloriana Boathouse Plan Dropped [Twickerati Sep 12]


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