• Appendix 7: Note of meeting at Orleans Gardens on Monday 8th July 2013

Present: Lord Sterling LS Gloriana; MK Gloriana; Lord True LT Leader, LBRuT; IM LBRuT; DS LBRuT; MA Adams Infrastructure Planning Ltd.

York House

The meeting started at York House where LS said that he supported the recommendation in the draft feasibility study for a bargehouse at Orleans Gardens. LS asked how long would it take to deliver the project? DS indicated a period of 6 – 8 months to progress to RIBA Stage D design and to submit a planning application. LS said that this is too long and the timescale needs to be shortened. LT indicated that the timescale could be reduced. DS said that there would be a need for public consultation before the planning application is submitted. York House Gardens LT guided LS through the York House grounds to the Twickenham waterfront to view Eel Pie Island and then along to Riverside to show Orleans House and Orleans Gardens.

Bargehouse at Orleans Gardens

MA indicated the preferred site for the bargehouse. The water was at the retained (half-tide) level. Lord S said that Simon Thurley, (the Chief Executive of English Heritage) is keen on a bargehouse in this location. MA showed the remaining wall of the C19th dry dock and explained that the land formerly extended further into the river. LBRuT has title to land that is now in the river. This is not shown on Land Registry plans and LBRuT solicitors are seeking to resolve this discrepancy.

MA showed evidence of the former wet dock in the river wall and said that the rest of the structure is now filled in and is located beneath the children’s play area. LS said that there should be plans of this and that these should be obtained. LS and MK asked at what states of the tide access could be obtained? MA said that the plan in the draft report shows a toe pile wall at the entrance to the wet dock and this would allow for Gloriana to moor prior to accessing the wet dock / bargehouse on the high tide. An alternative would be for Gloriana to be moored on a pontoon prior to entering the bargehouse. MA said that the PLA engineer has commented that a dredged berth is likely to fill with silt quite quickly here when the river is in flood.

LS said that it is essential that the proposed bargehouse can be accessed at all states of the tide. LS does not want Gloriana to be restricted in the same way as at St. Katharine’s Dock. MA said that restricted access would be less of a problem in this location because trips down river would normally start and end at high tide. LS said that he would wish to have an assurance from a marine engineer that it would be possible to access the bargehouse at all states of the tide before confirming his support for this location. If it cannot be made to work then he would have to look at sites that are upriver.

Post meeting note

MA has arranged for a director of Beckett Rankine to attend a site visit on 10th July and to advise on the engineering aspects of securing access to the proposed wet dock when the river is at the retained (half tide) level. The meeting will be attended by DS and MA.



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