• Appendix 6: Note of meeting at Hammertons Ferry on Thursday 27th June 2013

Present:; FS Hammertons Ferry; AS Hammertons Ferry; DS LBRuT; MA Adams Infrastructure Planning Ltd.

MA introduced DS from Richmond Council and his commission from

Richmond Council to find a suitable location for a permanent home for the Royal

Row Barge, ‘Gloriana’. MA said that the Leader of Richmond Council is keen that

the barge should be based in the Borough.

FS said that Gloriana is a beautiful boat and had generated a lot of interest from the

public when she was moored at Hammertons for the Great River Race in 2012. FS

indicated that Gloriana is programmed to return for the 2013 Great River Race and

that he had offered to provide a mooring for the event.

MA outlined the three locations that the Council had asked him to evaluate. These

were Buccleuch Gardens, the Gothic House site that is next to Steins restaurant in

Richmond and Marble Hill Park / Orleans Gardens. Town planning constraints apply

to all three locations and it would not be practical to crane out Gloriana onto the

Gothic House site or into Marble Hill Park. He said that he is recommending a site in

Orleans Gardens that was used for a boathouse in the nineteenth century. The

boathouse was subsequently demolished and the site is currently occupied by part of

the children’s play area and the café.

MA said the proposed bargehouse would provide another visitor attraction that could

potentially fit well with Orleans House Gallery, Marble Hill House etc.

FS said that, in his view, tourist trade had dropped off in the locality since the London


MA showed FS and AS sketch drawings of the plan of the wet dock and bargehouse

together with some indicative elevations. MA stressed that the proposals are only at

a very draft stage at the moment. It was necessary to show some detail in order to

establish if the location could work and to obtain indicative cost estimates but these

details could change.

MA also said that it would be necessary to reduce the length of the Hammertons

Ferry pontoon at the upstream end.

AS said that it is possible to move quite large vessels through the gap to the

moorings between the pontoon and the river bank but he appreciated that a wider

gap would be necessary to manoeuvre Gloriana, particularly when the tide is


FS indicated that he would be happy to reduce the length of the pontoon. MA said

that it may be possible to extend the pontoon at the downstream end by agreement

with the PLA. MA said that there may be merits in revising the layout of the brow to

the pontoon by keeping the existing brow but adding a second one outside the

proposed bargehouse to provide a more direct route for visitors to the ferry and to the

hire boats. FS indicated that he thought that there may be some merit in this.

MA said that there would be a meeting on site shortly to give Lord True, Leader of

Richmond Council and Lord Sterling an opportunity to see the site and make a

decision as to whether proposals should be advanced to the next stage. If they

decide to go ahead with the Orleans Gardens site then it would be necessary to

engage FS/AS in the development of more detailed proposals.

MA asked whether FS/AS had any initial comments on the draft proposals.

FS made the following comments:

1. There is congestion in Orleans Road at the weekend and it would be

necessary to consider the provision of a one way access route to the


2. It would be necessary to consider the provision of a car park as this will be a

massive attraction; and,

3. There is a need to survey the condition of the riverside trees and prune them

where necessary. FS said that there is a PLA responsibility for trees growing

out of the bank and a Richmond responsibility for the trees landward of the

bank. He said that he has had problems with unstable trees threatening his

property but the PLA is reluctant to act and he has had to take action himself.




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