• 5 Consultation On Draft Recommendations . .

 . . With Hammertons Ferry, London Borough Of Richmond 

Upon Thames and The Gloriana Team, and Beckett Rankine

Meeting with LBRuT

5.1 XXX presented a draft report to Lord True, Leader of Richmond

Council, on 4th June with an explanation of why the report concludes that

Orleans Gardens is the best location for the development of a bargehouse.

Meeting with Hammertons Ferry to discuss to discuss A meeting was held on site between YYY of LBRuT and ZZZ of Hammertons Ferry 

and on 27 June to discuss to discuss to discuss 3 Orleans Gardens within the context of the current

operation of Hammertons Ferry. A note of this meeting is attached as Appendix 6.

5.2 The owners of Hammertons Ferry indicated their agreement in principle to

shortening the existing pontoon mooring to enable access to the proposed

bargehouse at Orleans Gardens. This would be subject to detailed design

and making the appropriate agreements concerning the re-arrangement of

existing pontoon mooring.

[5.3 is missing in the source document]

Meeting between LBRuT and the Gloriana team

5.4 On 8th July Lord True showed Lord Sterling the Orleans Gardens site in the

context of other regeneration proposals on the Twickenham waterfront.

These included the proposed children’s play area at Champions Wharf.

5.5 Lord Sterling indicated that the site could prove suitable to provide a

permanent home for the Gloriana provided it is possible to design the

bargehouse in such a way that it can be accessed when the river level is at

the half tide, retained level so that it is not necessary to wait until high tide to

berth the vessel. advised that it would be necessary to seek

advice from a marine consulting engineer on this matter and then report back.

Lord Sterling indicated the urgency of this matter and asked for a response by

Friday 12th July.

Meeting with AAA of Beckett Rankine

5.6 A meeting was held between a director of Beckett Rankine,

Marine Consulting Engineers, BBB of LBRuT and CCC at

Orleans Gardens on 10th July 2013. CCC outlined the engineering

advice sought from Beckett Rankine as to the feasibility of securing access by

water to the proposed bargehouse when the river level is at the half-tide,

retained level. indicated that, in his opinion, it would be

possible to obtain access when the river is at the retained level but this would

be subject to the resolution of a number of technical issues as described in

the note that supplied by e-mail on 11th June. This is

attached as Appendix 8. The advice from was sent to

LBRuT on 11th June so that it could be shared with the Gloriana team.

Consultation with the Environment Agency

5.7 Following the meeting on site on 8th July consulted the

Environment Agency on the draft proposals for Orleans Gardens that included

the requirement expressed by the Gloriana team for access to the proposed

bargehouse at all states of the tide.

5.8 of the Environment Agency replied on 7th August and was

supportive of the proposals, “We welcome proposals which “make space for

water” and restore more natural environmental processes which can deliver

multiple environmental, social and economic benefits”. The full text of his

letter is attached as Appendix 9.

5.9 The letter highlighted a number of issues that will need to be addressed in the

development of the proposals to meet the requirements of the Environment

Agency. These relate to:

• Flood risk management

• Flood defences and climate change

• Biodiversity and fisheries

5.10 The Environment Agency advises that a bargehouse is considered to be a

form of development that is compatible with a location in Flood Zone 3B. The

café element of the proposal is classed as unsuitable development at this

location but the Environment Agency would have no objection to the

replacement of the footprint of the existing café on a like for like basis as this

would not be increasing / introducing new risk into the functional flood plain.

5.11 The one element of the draft proposals that is of concern to the Environment

Agency is the flood risk presented by reopening the subway connection to the

grounds of Orleans House Gallery, as set out in the following comment:

“Flood defences

It is essential the level of flood defence protection is maintained for this area

of high risk and regular flooding at high tides. We have concerns on the

potential negative impacts of reinstating the subway from Orleans House

Gallery to the barge house. We recommend that an alternative form of access

is considered or we agree ways to maintain flood defences.”

5.12 The Environment Agency has offered to review proposals as they are

developed, prior to submission, to assist in the design process.


5.13 The constraints and opportunities that we have identified in this study

indicate, in our view, the only option that meets the full feasibility study

objectives is Option 3 Orleans Gardens.



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