• Appendix 4 Comments of the Port of London Authority on Option 3

From the Feasibility Study [August 2013]:

 . . As with option 1 The Harbour Master has no in principle objections to this option but would be interested to hear how the Master of the Gloriana envisages manoeuvring the vessel into the ‘wet dock/slipway.’ 

The existing Hamilton Ferry pontoon as existing would obstruct easy access to the boathouse/wet dock/slipway. In general terms negotiation with the licensee is the way forward if you require them to modify their pontoon layout. Whilst licences do generally have clauses in them relating to revocation/alteration/removal of works we cannot exercise these powers lightly (For example navigational reasons, impact on river regime or a breach of the terms of the licence could be a reason to revoke a licence) and there is an appeals process to the Department for Transport.

There are also a number of ‘steps’ shown on the chart extract and entries on our river works licensing system relating to works such as ‘cutting for barge dock.’ I have not had the chance to look at any of the entries to see who the various licensees are but there may be similar issues to resolve with these works as there are with the Hammerton Ferry’s works. As with all options we would want to see full details in due course but we would be particularly interested in the boardwalk and footbridge with this option. Who would operate/manage it etc.

Environment have commented that the issues would depend upon the construction/renovation of the sites, and therefore an assessment of the impacts would be helpful. Key points would be the use of the dock/quay and sediment and contaminant control. Access to the entrance may also be restricted by the tide and dredging may have a significant environmental impact – it does not tend to be long lasting in the Upper District and this would have cost implications for your client. 

The PLA’s marine engineer has advised that from a marine engineering perspective option 1 looks best in terms of ease of boat docking and relaunch. There is quite a big difference between a wet dock or a slipway so we would want to see more details in due course . .

Extracted unabridged from Feasibility study on the location of the Royal Row Barge ‘Gloriana’ (and Boat House) within the Borough. Final Report August 2013



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