• Appendix 3: Comments of Assistant Development Control Manager LBRuT

Petersham Road site:

• Within conservation area, MOL, Thames Policy Area; area restricting further A3 uses, adjacent to Other Site of Nature Importance

• Think this is a non starter – land use concerns, ground levels, tree issues, accessibility, setting of historic buildings, design and scale concerns


Buccleuch Gardens:

Again, non starter:

• Within other site of nature importance, MOL, Historic Parks and Gardens

• Prominence, harm character of open / rural Petersham Meadows,


Orleans Gardens:

• Whilst contrary to policy, most suitable out of the three

• With Metropolitan Open Land, Adjacent to Other Site of Nature Importance, Within conservation Area, Adjacent to Historic Park, Thames Policy Area, Proximity to listed buildings

Key areas:

• Address height adjacent to road – need lightweight construction – any building shouldn’t be overbearing on this narrow road or out of keeping with park setting.

• Address views across to Ham House

• Establish relationship with river

• How will be managed / linked to Gloriana – don’t want to accept boat house then Gloriana doesn’t get moored here.

• Scheme should replace facilities (café, toilets, playground) – should be

accessible for all to use

• Flooding issue – flood defences

• Need more details of size / uses


I think the feasibility study should also consider other sites before building in MOL

is considered: For example, how about Platts Eyot (Hampton); or store on Eel Pie and shown at

Twickenham Riverside with associated buildings there.


Extracted unabridged from Feasibility study on the location of the Royal Row Barge ‘Gloriana’ (and Boat House) within the Borough. Final Report August 2013


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