glori-header-jul05.pngTHIS blog was created by me, Chris Squire, to report on and to support the [now successful] campaigns in the summer of 2014 to thwart the plan by Richmond upon Thames council to build a ‘boat house’ [in fact it would have been, as the Feasibility Study made clear, a barge shed] for the Queen’s rowbarge, Gloriana, in Orleans Gardens in Twickenham, south-west London.

• The History of Orleans Gardens  • Orleans Gardens – video 

Friends of Orleans Riverside • Twickenham Vs The Gloriana [Facebook].

This blog, in the main, comprised factual material extracted from and linked to primary sources, interspersed with some comments from me and others. Comments on matters of fact, policy and aesthetics, etc. are welcome; please provide links to your sources if you can. Personal comments are not and may be deleted or edited without notice.

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  1. The new cafe will in fact be in dense shade , until the afternoon, due to the height if the new boat house. This would not attract people to the cafe , as the present sunny site in front of the cafe does , much loved by parents and dog owners alike……Jill Nickalls and 4 generations of our family.


  2. Hi Chris, it’s hard to see from the site if there is any formal process being embarked upon by the protesters other than protest. There are protective avenues open to the public to protect land like this; this includes things like Grade II listing or protection by English Heritage (even for park space), community rights etc. I remember seeing a chap advise on the latter point on the facebook page but I cannot find it now. Is anything being done in that regard?

    This link may also lead to some ideas, it’s a bit excitable but there is the occasional good point in there: http://www.green-space.org.uk/downloads/ArchivedPublications/Saving%20Open%20Space.pdf

    I can’t help thinking that the land there has enough heritage for EH to prick their ears up at it being developed.


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